It's Wedding Season at Don Drumm Studios

Traditionally, June was for weddings. More recently, it is common to have weddings later in the summer and into fall. One unexpected bonus from this trend is that you can spread out your time for selecting gifts.

One artistic touch you can add to your wedding gifts is a Leandra Drumm ornament. Many people add these ornaments to the outside wrapping of their gifts. Leandra has two styles, which are featured below. These ornaments are crafted in pewter and look great both as part of the gift-wrapping presentation and later when used for holidays and other special occasions.

Click below on either of Leandra Drumm's pewter wedding ornaments for more information and close-up images.

Leandra Drumm "Wedding Couple" Ornament

A favorite add-on to include when giving a wedding gift, the Leandra Drumm "Wedding Couple" is a fun and delightful way to commemorate "I do's". A bride is carried by a groom in a top hat as the happy couple waves to all who celebrate their love.

Leandra Drumm "Just Married" Ornament 

The Leandra Drumm "Just Married" Ornament depicts a newlywed couple in wedded bliss. A heart hovers above their heads, representing the love they have for one another.


Calling all Cat Lovers

If you love cats, you might want to take a look at Don's cat bride and groom.

The details you'll find in these pewter pieces include a flowing veil and floral gown for the bride. Look closely and you will see that the bride is holding a bouquet. Not to be outdone, this groom has a top hat and a stunning bow tie. (The groom also has two "tails"!!)

You can purchase it as a pin to wear on a lapel, pin on your purse, or pin it to a bouquet. It can also be pre-ordered on a stand and used as part of your wedding table decor or a cake topper.

If choosing the pre-order cat bride and groom on a stand, please allow additional time for us to craft it for you. This is generally an additional 2-3 business days. Click on the images below for additional information.

 Don Drumm Wedding Cats Pin 

Don Drumm Wedding Cats On Base 


Don't Forget Our Complimentary
Gift Wrapping


Don Drumm Ruffled Edge Bowl (BL161)

Selecting a gift is hard work! Wrapping it doesn't have to be. This is especially true if you purchase your gifts with us at Don Drumm Studios and Gallery.

Did you know that our staff gets specialized training in wrapping? Newly hired staff do not begin to learn our wrapping methods until a few weeks into their tenure.

In the above picture, next to a sample of our signature wrapping, you can see one of Don's ruffled edge bowls. One of the reasons this piece is a popular wedding gift is that even when the bowl is full during use, the elegance of the ruffled edge design is visible. Click here or on the image to get more details about the bowl.

Thank you for entrusting us with wrapping your gift selections for all your special occasions!

Need a gift for Bridesmaids or Groomsmen?


Don Drumm Small Tray

Small Square Sunface Tray A


Don Drumm Small Tray

 Small Square Sunface Tray D

Sometimes people wonder what to give as a gift to bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bracelets, cuff links, earrings, and flasks, oh my! How about a gift that is similarly priced but has longevity and versatility?

May we suggest a Don Drumm small tray? It is cast from aluminum and is the shape of a square measuring five inches on each side. It can be used for a variety of purposes. Place the tray on a desk, and you can use it as a catch-all for office supply sundries. Or instead, use it as a landing for your keys when you get home. (Though - we can't promise you'll remember to place your keys there each time!)

Other gift ideas:

  • Hostess gift - great when traveling as it is light and easy to pack
  • To commemorate a friend or family member's first or new job
  • Graduation gift

We have been told by some of our other customers that they purchase a few of them at a time - and have them gift-wrapped. That way - if they ever need a last-minute hostess gift, they never have to worry about showing up empty-handed or trying to fit in a buying trip for a last-minute gift.

Click on either the image or the buttons above for more details on each tray. And remember, we are happy to provide our signature gift wrapping! Another tip, you can also order them for pick-up in the store. You can save on shipping that way.


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