Our Sun Is NOT Setting!

For 50 years we’ve been shining creatively
– showing off the works of talented designer craftspeople from around the country. And as long as these amazing artists keep doing what they do, so will we!

Our shelves may not be as chock-full as usual, but that’s because our craftsmen have had a challenging year, like the rest of us.  They’ve been hamstrung with supply shortages, shipping problems and, unfortunately illness. Galleries, less fortunate than ours, have closed during the pandemic.  

Now that people are shopping again, we all are trying to catch up on casting metals, blowing glass, glazing pots, carving wood and combining gold, silver and gems into jewelry.  Until increasing orders can be filled and inventories restocked, our gallery shelves and showcases may look less brimming than usual.  But be assured that there’s still plenty of unique, exciting things to see, and our doors aren’t closing for another 50 years!

Come visit the gallery soon.

The Drumm Family