"State of the Arts: Inside Don Drumm's Studio" - WKSU

At 83, Don Drumm still works almost every day at his Crouse Street studios near downtown.

Drumm shows me a large and noisy polishing machine that his team is using to put the finishing touches on a metal bowl he designed.

"These machines have thousands of ball bearings and they beat against the piece and they polish the aluminum," Drumm said over the din of the machine shop.

The chain from Drumm’s initial ideas to these finished products is in and of itself a work of art.

Individual pieces are made from molds Drumm designs, often scribbled on the backs of diner napkins and paper placemats. He then builds a prototype and sends it to foundries around Ohio to be cast in aluminum or pewter. After that, Drumm’s company can order copies of that same design over and over again.

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