Butterfly Artworks Small Teal Earrings


1.75" long (including hook) on sterling silver ear wires

"My wearable art pieces (pendants and earrings) are made with sterling silver and real butterfly wings. To me they are miniature fine art works…small paintings or collages in little silver frames. It is important to note that the butterfly wings I use are from unharmed butterflies. They come from tropical butterfly farming projects within the rainforest. The butterflies live out their natural lives and are collected for me only after dying naturally.

After collecting the perished butterflies the farmers dry and package them. When they have accumulated a good quantity, the farmers acquire export permits from their government's wildlife departments and ship the butterflies to us. As we receive them we transfer payment to the farmers, completing this sustainable eco-friendly business cycle. The purchase of our jewelry enables us to continue our support for these rain forest conservation efforts. We are licensed by the U S Fish and Wildlife Service to import the dried butterflies and we rely on their guidance throughout the process.

By the marketing of my pieces and other products that use rainforest sustainable use materials, rainforests gain economic viability, creating a strong incentive to leave them in their natural state, while providing needed income for local peoples. All of my pieces are produced in my Berks County, PA studio. 

I hope people will have a greater appreciation and respect for nature after seeing the astonishing beauty of these butterfly wings, which I strive to incorporate in my jewelry with creativity and reverence." --Bob & Ravi Natalini

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