SKU# LD005

Lisa Drumm Knotty Elf Doll


Designed and created by Lisa Drumm, this toy, sculptured in fabric, embodies a combination of hand and machine stitching in a joyous array of color and texture. A perfect addition under the Christmas Tree! This fun family of dolls is named for its knotted arms and legs. They are perfect for playing, hugging, or hanging around. Each fabric doll is composed of a different combination of fabric patterns, so each one is unique. 

As toys, collectors' items, or works of art, these creations are designed to excite the imagination and delight both children and adults. They feature a combination of machine applique and stitching on a colorful array of textured fabrics.

"I enjoy a sense of play--something that doesn't belong exclusively to children. My fiber work involves a real joy in color, texture, and unusual combinations of materials all put together into an ironic comment, a twist of ideas, a bit of whimsy or some play on the human state." --Lisa Drumm

Soft sculpture Made by Lisa Drumm
Body: 11"H x 8"W x 3"D
Arms & Legs: 10" long each

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