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Christian Bowl

"IC XC NIKA" means "Jesus Christ Conquers."
IC and XC are the first and last letters in the Greek words for "Jesus" and "Christ," and  "NIKA" refers to "Victory."
This Don Drumm Christian bowl is for personal, small group, or church use. Use it for home communion, small group services, or your own celebrations. Makes a lovely gift for the faithful.

Don Drumm Aluminum
9.25"Dia x 1.75"deep

Aluminum cookware/serve ware uses and care instructions:
*Specially designed to go directly from the stove top, oven, or broiler to your table
*Keeps food cold when chilled
*Holds heat well, so always use potholders when handling
*Hand wash with soap and water. NOT dishwasher safe
*NOT for storing food. Acidic foods (such as tomato sauces) may darken or pit the inside surface of the piece

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