Doug Meyer is a northeast-Ohio-based artist. He started making sculpture in his bedroom in 9th grade and progressed into paintings, art cars, inflatable art, and  more. Unable to afford art school, Doug eventually enrolled in welding school,  graduating with a Combination Welder certificate from Job Corps in 1998. He  soon bought his first welder and began building his own modified bikes and  furniture. He also participated in and hosted arts events at local clubs, studios, and  galleries. By 2008, his furniture works were selling well enough for him to go into  business full-time, selling his wares under the moniker Rustbelt Rebirth. Doug has  since sold furniture all over the united states and popped up in articles from Elle Decor to American Craft to the NY Times. He was awarded multiple awards of  excellence from the American Craft Council in 2013. He currently works out of  his studio warehouse in Warren, Ohio. 

"I've always been fascinated by past versions of the future by way of science  fiction and modernist design trends. Part of me still lives in a post-apocalyptic  world where I take scraps of what’s left of the old world to build a new one. The  downfall of manufacturing in Ohio is a metaphor or a foreshadowing of this world.  All the post-consumer junk washing up on the shores of local salvage stores and  scrap yards litter my imagination. Armed with a tubing bender, a welder, and a  shear I get to transform the old world into an archival thing of beauty. It’s possibly  the only power I have. Old desks, shelving, furnace housings, toolboxes, lockers,  and more are cut back to flat sheets of colored metal. Frames are built with hand pulled bends and sometimes scraps of other frames. The process highlights the  usefulness of the separate pieces instead of blending them or hiding their disparate qualities. The results are a holistic design that’s 98% efficient. Welcome to the  new world."



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