SKU# BL152

Small Sampan Bowl


Reminiscent of the boats that populate the rivers and coastlines of China, the Don Drumm Small Sampan Bowl features a contemporary shape and a beautifully craft abstract patterning. For a larger option, check out the Large Sampan Bowl.

Don Drumm Aluminum
7"L x 5.5"W x 2.5"Deep

Aluminum cookware/serve ware uses and care instructions:
*Specially designed to go directly from the stove top, oven, or broiler to your table
*Keeps food cold when chilled
*Holds heat well, so always use potholders when handling
*Hand wash with soap and water. NOT dishwasher safe
*NOT for storing food. Acidic foods (such as tomato sauces) may darken or pit the inside surface of the piece

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