Flowers of Persephone Felicia Ornament


"Persephone was the radiant maiden of the spring and the summertime, whose light step upon the dry, brown hillside was enough to make it fresh and blooming, as Sappho writes, "I heard the footfall of the flower spring..."--Persephone's footfall....she did indeed rise from the dead every spring, but she brought with her the memory of where she had come from; with all her bright beauty there was something strange and awesome about her." --from Edith Hamilton' Mythology

These flowers have "risen from the dead." Like Persephone, the remainders of winter are transformed into the blooms of springtime. Hand made in Akron from burnt-out mini lights and copper wires from the cords.

Slight variations are to be expected from handmade products.

Approx. 3"

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