SKU# STUDIG 013S-100

Greg Gowen - Small Tortoise Wall Sculpture


Studio G7. Copper River is our line of torch cut copper and steel wall hanging art. Each piece is careful hand finished with various torch flame coloring techniques and cold patina oxidation processes. All of our pieces are clear coated by either powder coating or Incralac clear coating to preserve the colors and materials, which are suitable for outdoors. Keep in mind that even the best clear coating methods can break down over time leaving the steel and copper vulnerable to rust and oxidation when displayed in the direct elements out doors. Displaying your piece inside or under shelter such a covered patio or entryway is best without fear the colors changing. However if you choose to display your piece on a wall or fence exposed to rain and sun know that some day the colors may change and it might surprise you how much character it gains.

10” x 9” x 2.25"

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