Iron Chinchilla Fisherman's Cross, Clear


Iron Chinchilla Fisherman's Cross with clear finish. 16"H x 9"W x 

Each design is carefully constructed using a “cold bend” method, where the iron is slowly worked through a large vice, using little more than arm strength and a series of “cheater bars”. Creating in this free-form fashion ensures that each piece is unique…even within several renderings of the same design. 

The Fisherman’s Cross
It is believed the arching curves of the “Fish” or ICTHUS illustrated on the cross, was first used by believers during the times of Christian persecution as a secret sign of their shared faith.  One person would draw an arc in the sand and the other would complete the sign to show a brotherhood in Christ.
Using this once-secret symbol of Christianity hooked around the cross, we are reminded to go forth boldly, telling others of the Kingdom of God.
“Go and proclaim the kingdom of God”   Luke 9:60
 “Don’t be afraid, from now on you will catch men!”   Luke 5:10
Each Fisherman’s Cross is a hand crafted, one of a kind original
Design by Matt Tully for the Iron Chinchilla Design Studio in Ft Worth, Texas

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