SKU# METALL 099-2150

Metallic Evolution Ginkgo Leaf Art Tile Wallhanging


A single leaf silhouette is such a simple, yet elegant mini piece of art.  We create each one individually so no two are exactly the same.  The leaf shape with hand cut detailing is hammered into a slightly coved shape, then darkened with heat to a deep blue/grey colouring.  This contrasts with the bright silver sanded colour of the background steel.  A hidden sawtooth behind the leaf makes hanging it so easy.

While designs are produced in small production batches, we still individually hand cut, sand, weld, and bend each piece so no two designs are ever alike. All pieces in the line of shiny metal work are made of mild steel, polished, then coated with a rust-resistant finish.  As with fine furniture, care should be taken to ensure that the finish is not scratched, or that the piece is not used in damp areas such as outdoors, as this could expose the steel to possible oxidation.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or soak in water - clean only with a damp cloth and dry well.  As each piece is made by hand, irregularities in the design or finish are a natural part of the work and enhance its uniqueness.

We do our best to polish all parts of the metal work.  Nonetheless, caution should be taken as some designs may have sharp edges and should not be used around small children or in high traffic areas.

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