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Thanks Marge! 3 Pc. Gift Set

Just like your grandma used to have! The Thanks Marge! Gift Set includes: 1 Light Weight Dishcloth, 1 Heavy Weight Dishcloth, and a matching Cloth Napkin. Durable and long-lasting, featuring a stark interweaving of threads. Each dishcloth is hand crocheted with 2 threads for added strength and made in Akron, Ohio.

Dishcloths 8"sq, Napkin 20"sq

Care Directions & Helpful Hints:
-Not intended to be used as a potholder.
-Stains will set if not washed frequently.
-Wash with regular towel load. Expect some shrinkage.
-Wash with like colors. Don't let sit in washer as bright colors may bleed.

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