Twice Baked Pottery - Chip & Dip with Detached Bowl, Emerald/Shino


Great entertaining dish — get ready for movie night or the game! These come as a two-piece set that way you can use the large chip dish as a baking dish, you can heat the dip separately, and it is a lot easier to clean and store!

2"H x 9.5"W Plate / 2.75"H x 4.5"W Bowl

Ever since opening the store and studio to the public in 2015, Twice Baked Pottery has had the pleasure of welcoming thousands of people to our shop in beautiful downtown Racine, Wisconsin. “Our store is a unique shopping experience–how often can you actually watch and see the very same items you are about to buy being made right in front of you?” asked Scott Obernberger, the potter, proprietor, and purveyor of Twice Baked Pottery. Scott makes all of the functional pottery he sells right in the shop in front of his customers. “One of my goals was to give customers a chance to see how pottery is made. Whether it is throwing at the wheel, putting handles on mugs, glazing, or loading kilns, customers get to see all of the love and labor that goes into each and every piece that I make.”

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