SKU# WHITNE E3616-951

Whitney "Wrappings" Earrings


Brass layers, copper, sterling silver on sterling silver ear wires. 2" x .5"

When we started creating pieces at the turn of 1970 they were all sterling silver and 14 kt gold, but now we have expanded to other metals by adding red brass, copper, and nickel silver. These copper based alloys and polymer clay have added in colors and oxidation that were not possible with traditional metals.

We continue to experiment with polymer clay as a way to add a colorful story and surface design to larger jewelry. By using this clay we can make light weight pieces some with motifs inspired by African textiles and aboriginal art of the South Seas.

The cut pieces of metal are lovingly shaped over silversmithing stakes and tree stumps with the use of forming and raising hammers. Then the work is assembled with gas soldering torches and silver solder. Depending on the design, we may continue to form with hammers and chasing tools, dap, or corrugate to achieve the desired effect. Natural stone embellishments are added to the designs to give it integrity.

Our studio is a little like stepping back into the pre-industrial age as we only use hand tools with the exceptions of the finishing equipment of tumblers used for deburring and hand operated polishing lathes to get a bright polish or satin finish on the metal. We have even stepped back into the 19th century with the use of a non-toxic mixture of salt and vinegar instead of toxic acids used today.

Our ever bonding love of the plasticity of metal and the joy of creating with our hands is our daily inspiration.

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