SKU# ZETAMA 073-269

Zetamari Mosaic Artworks 7" Aqua Drop Mirror

This mirror is part of my Sparkling Jewel mosaic mirror line and is handmade by me with the highest quality glass tiles, glass beads, and metal beads. I take pride in my workmanship and attention to detail, which is evident in each piece I create. It is sure to add a little sparkle to your life. This mirror features silky aqua tiles with light mint and silver accents. I finish it with a dark grout which enhances and intensifies the colors.

I am drawn to soothing symmetries of sparkling glass tiles and beads that are often inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture. My passion for this ancient art form led me to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, who instilled in me a pride of workmanship expressed in each hand-crafted piece. I aspire to bring the joy of spirit I feel with the creation of each piece to the home of others.

Angie Heinrich, Artist

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